Kent Goetz picked up photography a few years ago with the advent of Digital Photography.  His
experience with film photography was painful.  Without the instant feedback of digital photography,
Kent could never figure out why his photos were less than good.  From using inexpensive lenses and
inexpensive filters, his photos reflected his naivety.

Today, Kent uses a Canon Digital SLR. The difference is the lenses and the filters.  While most
photographers use software to correct deficiencies, Kent combines the use of filters and software to
capture the landscape as reality.

Kent's style or process emulates the great photographers of past generations.  Such methods include:
Using premium filters to capture light.
Taking plenty of photos at different settings.
Using software (darkroom) to perfect the end result.

Kent is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and is a Army Veteran.  He lives in Santa
Clara California.  

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